Rainy Day

'Hymn to Life' is a single long poem which records a period of about two weeks during the Pandemic in 2020. During those two weeks I kept a diary, and the poem is composed of extracts from that diary, which have remained largely unchanged from the original text. This poem is a sequel or continuation of James Schuyler's poem of the same name (read and listen to Schuyler's 'Hymn to Life' here). I thought of the Hymn to Life as one continuous song, which can be picked up by anyone at any time as life spools on and on, changing and remaining the same. My Hymn contains themes of descent, waiting, stalling, love, death, continuation and decline, as well as a profusion of life and nature. I have described it as 'melancholy but not despairing'; it has its flashes of humour, celebration and love. My 'Hymn to Life' was published on The Babel Tower Notice Board, which has since been closed. Babel Tower is however, is planning to archive all of its posts in the near future.