How to Read a Poem

How to Read a Poem (Core course, Lesson #03) - 15th September 2022, 7-9pm GMT


You can’t write poetry if you don’t read poetry; you won’t know how to write a poem if you don’t know how to read a poem, and reading poetry is very different from reading anything else. Highschool famously treats reading poetry as a painful de-coding exercise, but this was never true. This class teaches you how to really read a poem.


An essential class for any poet, but especially useful for those finding their feet in the world of poetry.


What will happen in this class:


  • A discussion about reading poems: How do you read a poem? How were you taught to read poems? How do you feel about ‘analysing’ poems?
  • A lecture covering: a brief history of reading poems in the 20th Century, advice on how to approach reading a poem, how to enjoy ‘analysing’ a poem.
  • A guided close reading exercise.



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How to Read a Poem