Punctuation (Core course, Lesson #08) - 20th October 2022, 7-9pm GMT


Do you know how to use a comma? What about a semicolon? Punctuation is often overlooked or misunderstood, yet in poetry the punctuation is just as important as the words. Punctuation is an important tool in the poet’s toolbox and an essential skill for any poet to master.


A perfect class for beginners or for any poet who wants to brush up on their grammar and gain some confidence. This is a standalone class, but it makes a great part 3 after The Line (Lesson #06) and Blank Space (Lesson #07).


What will happen in this class:


  • A lecture covering: what punctuation is for and why it’s important, a crash course in punctuation marks and how to use them.
  • Two exercises exploring how to use punctuation* in your poetry.


*One of these exercises involves redrafting a piece of your own work, so come to the class with a copy of one of your own poems prepared and ready to edit.



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