Workshop 5th October 2022, 7-9pm GMT

Workshops are good for anyone who wants to improve a poem or their work generally, but they also make perfect companions to a course, allowing you to put into practice and refine what you have learned.


Workshops are small classes of up to six people; each participant brings a poem or part of a poem to be workshopped, each piece is read out and receives critique from the group. Workshops take place on Zoom, Wednesdays, 7-9pm, if attending have a file of your workshop piece prepared to share with the group.


Workshop rules


  • To ensure that there is enough time for your work and everyone else’s work to be critiqued you may only submit a limited amount of work to the group, a maximum of one page in length, 12 pt text. If your piece is longer, only the first page will be workshopped.
  • During the workshop, each piece of work will be allotted a time slot and will not be discussed outside of that slot, this ensures that everyone gets a fair turn.
  • While your work is being critiqued you mustn’t talk, you will be asked for your response to the feedback at the end of your slot.
  • You must give feedback and criticism on everyone’s work, and your feedback must be constructive, that is, practical and applicable, though not unkind.
  • Criticism can be difficult to accept, but for the sake of the group you must take it gracefully. Abuse or any unkindness will not be tolerated.


Registration with a workshop implies agreement with the workshop rules and if you do not abide by those rules you may be ejected from the class.



When you register for an online class you will be added to the list of registrants. Classes take place live on Zoom; the day before your class you will be sent a link to your registered Zoom meeting, which you can follow to join the class. Remember to check your Junk folder.

Workshop 5th October 2022, 7-9pm GMT

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