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'She Transmutates' imitates the style of Flo Reynolds, and was especially inspired by Flo's debut book The Other Body. I was very lucky to read an earlier version of the text before it was published, and as a result, the poems in 'She Transmutates' became dialogues with Flo and those poems, picking up their images and ideas to extend them into a kind of conversation. This sequence follows on from the earlier sequence 'A Death Ritual'; 'A Death Ritual' was about pulling oneself through great suffering, 'She Transmutates' is about the long, long, slow process of healing which comes afterwards, and importantly about the power of friendship to heal. The sequence contains themes of speaking and listening, transformation, human and non-human, bodies and forms.

A long poem from this sequence titled 'Gastro, mon amie' was published in a special issue of SPOONFEED, and can be read here.

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