Collaboration accepted for Sidekick Books' latest anthology No, Robot, No!

Jon and Kirsty at Sidekick Books have very generously accepted a proposal from Flo Reynolds and I for a new collaborative poem, the poem will feature in the latest Sidekick anthology No, Robot, No!

No, Robot, No! is 'intended as a visual and lyrical exploration of robots and AI, in terms of their status and meaning in pop culture as well as in the real world, present and future.'

Naturally, my soul leapt out of my body through my nose when I heard this. Our project is inherently cyborg, so it seemed like a sweet deal.

Our proposal went a bit like this:

- we are two cyborg penpals exploring wetware, cyborg-feminism & digital epistolary forms.

- Cat's thesis is on robo-lyricism and she's halfway around the world; Flo thinks computational theory of mind is a conspiracy and is trying to queer going palaeo; together we attempt to code a feminist future/feminist lyric into pulsing, oozing aliveness

- we will explore the permeable membrane between cyborg/animal, writer/reader, digital/affective, gmail/page

- we will graft parts onto and into ourselves, building as we go

- our text will be a neo-epistolary, (auto-)exegetical, inherently cyborg, wet

- cyborg friendship is remote, disembodied, pixelated - yet we register it bodily and emotionally

our text will explore our broader question: what would lyric look like if Sappho'd been playing a theremin?

We have until mid-May, wish us luck!

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