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Cat Woodward is a poet and the teacher of The Poetry Master Class. Cat holds a PhD in lyric poetics from the University of East Anglia. Cat has published two small collections of poetry: Sphinx (Salò Press, 2017) and Blood. Flower. Joy! (Knives, Forks and Spoons Press, 2019), her third and longest collection, Strange Shape, is forthcoming from Gatehouse Press in 2023. She has published widely, most recently in Long Poem Magazine, on the Babel Tower Notice Board and the Osmosis Press Blog, in Amberflora and Coven, with three poems forthcoming in Stand in 2022. In 2018 she won the Ivan Juritz Prize for Creative Experiment. Cat has worked as a Creative Writing Lecturer, Tutor and Workshop leader and holds an FHEA (Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy) certificate. Cat was awarded The Lorna Sage Prize for Outstanding Merit by UEA, and went on to receive a doctoral scholarship from the CHASE consortium. Cat lives in the UK.

Find Cat Woodward on Twitter @cwoodwardpoetry and @CatsMasterClass


If you would like to book Cat for a reading, invite her to teach, edit, judge, or anything else, please get in touch.

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The lyric conceptualist has moved beyond the indgestible and the unreadable; in fact, beyond all gestures that have made pleasure the enemy of reading.

The lyric conceptualist remains true to her politics of inclusion, appreciating the thinkership of conceptual poetry, the revelations and mass assemblages that concretize the ephemeral textuality of daily life. Still, she stubbornly continues to bask in the reverie of solitude.

Lyric conceptualism indulges in the excess of language while appreciating the clean lines of the minimal.

Lyric conceptualism does not confuse clarity with simplicity.

Sina Queyras

Conceptualism, post-humanism and so forth are radical in the same way that contemporary capitalism is radical. And, you know, that's fine. I'm not going to slag off capitalist artists, I'm not particularly bothered about them. If I've got a choice between writing a polemic against Kenny Goldsmith or George Osborne, obviously I'm going to go after Osborne.

Sean Bonney

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