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Why Mentoring?


Writing classes are ok, but they're not enough, you need a more personal approach?

You want to learn, but you can't find a class that fits what you need? 

Workshops aren't enough, you want to give your drafts some really dedicated, professional attention?

Do you need help developing your poetry project?

Need to get your manuscript ready for submission?

You've looked into other mentors, but they're so expensive!

​What is Mentoring?


When you register for a session of mentoring, you work directly with me, Cat Woodward, via email. I provide feedback on your individual poems and on your writing in general. I personalise my tutoring to you, whether you need help redrafting or developing a project, whether you need targeted writing exercises or guidance, I provide the direction and inspiration you need. By reading your work and corresponding with you about your aims and difficulties, I understand what you need to improve technically and to flourish creatively.

How does it work?


For one session, submit up to 200 lines of poetry to receive at least 1500 words (though usually more!) of tailored, thorough feedback. When you register for a tutorial, I will then contact you by email for an initial chat about what you want out of mentoring. Then, you're welcome to submit your work to me by email. I will return my feedback as soon as possible. One session costs only £100, which is cheaper than other providers.  

What if I want help with more or less than 200 words?


If you would like a longer course of mentoring, simply order more than one session at check out. If you want to submit a smaller project, just email me for a custom quote then pay by invoice. Easy!


Any questions, just email me at

What my mentees have said...

"Mentoring with Cat is a real adventure! Cat’s feedback is thorough and inclusive, it’s exact and free from pampering, yet she always finds something to encourage and support the writer. Her reflections are specific and always well-reasoned. I found myself constantly learning, deepening into the vastness and richness of the English language, led by an extraordinary mentor!"

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