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Image by Steve Johnson

Looking back on when I first started writing poetry I wish now that I had had a mentor of my own. With the close 1-2-1 guidance a mentor gives I would have understood my mistakes sooner, found my voice earlier, and developed the confidence I so needed at that time. For me, creative writing classes were often overwhelming; the focussed, personalised method of 1-2-1 teaching would have given me a huge advantage. Now that I’m a mentor myself, I want to give mentees that boost I never had, whatever stage they are at in their writing journey, and whatever their needs. Every writer can benefit from a mentor’s personal attention.


I offer personalised 1-2-1 tutoring sessions. Submit up to 200 lines of poetry to receive at least 1500 words of tailored thorough feedback. Mentoring is there to help you in whatever way you need, not just to help you edit; for example I also offer personalised writing exercises and manuscript assessment.

If your project is longer or shorter than 200 lines, that's perfectly fine, just email me for a quote. I can also help with prose fiction, e.g. short stories, non-fiction and novels.


When you register for a tutorial I will contact you by email for an initial discussion about what you need help with and what you want out of mentoring. Then you will submit your work via email for feedback.

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