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Miscellaneous Publications

2024 - 'Cuckoo Converses with a Bishop', a poem for the Norwich Cathedral Herb Garden, commissioned by the National Centre for Writing as part of Wandering Words 2024.

2023 - 2 poems in Before the Dreadful Daylight Starts: An anthology of Norfolk Poetry, 'Flint' and 'Norwich Cathedral'

2022 - 3 poems in Stand, Issue 235, Vol.20 (3). 'Monday', 'Burro', 'Balcony'.

2022 - 1 poem in Long Poem Magazine, Issue 27, Spring. 'William of Norwich'.

2021 - 1 poem in Amberflora, 'Fen'.

2021 - 5 poems in Coven, 'Flint', 'Black Shuck', 'Witches', 'Julian of Norwich', 'The Ghost of Wuffa, King of the Angles'

2021 - 1 poem in the Osmosis Press Blog, 'I feel so sorry for poetry'.

2021 - 1 poem in the Babel Tower Notice Board [discontinued], 'Hymn to Life'.

2021 - 1 poem in SPOONFEED, 'Gastro, mon amie'.

2019- 1 poem in Butcher's Dog, Issue 12, Autumn, 'I want to be worshipped, you know, like a god'.

2019 - 1 poem and 1 collaborative poem in The White Review Online, 'GO OUT AND PICK WILDFLOWERS FOR ART' and 'Dear Other, with Pink Dish' (with Flo Reynolds).

2019 - 2 poems in Hotel, 'Standard Mortality Poem', 'Standard Birth Poem'.

2019 - 3 poems in the Burning House Press Blog, 'Neighbourly', 'Want', 'Market'.

2019 - 2 poems in Black Box Manifold, 'Potential for Child-bearing as the Condition for the Worship of Woman-as-goddess', 'Spell for Unconditional Love'

2018 - 1 collaborative poem in No, Robot, No! (Sidekick Books), ‘Wetware’ (with Flo Reynolds)

2018 - 1 poem in Volta: an obscurity of poets (Saló Press), 'Sphinx'.

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