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#11 Formlessness

Formlessness (Core course, Lesson #11)


Free verse (what I call ‘Formlessness’) is the art of writing poetry without a strict pre-set form; often misunderstood, free verse is easily taken for granted as simpler or less restrictive than form. But, in this class we put those illusions aside; you will learn about the craft behind free verse, about the real freedom it offers, and you will practice the improvisation skills you will need to write it.


A companion class to ‘Form’ but also a great standalone class for any poet looking to learn the basics of free verse.


What is included in this class:


  • A lecture covering: what free verse is, some examples of free verse, tips and advice on writing free verse.
    • Pack contains 1. a recording of the original lecture, 2. a copy of the lecture presentation and 3. the transcribed text.
  • A writing exercise guiding you through writing a free verse poem.


This is a downloadable class, you will receive links to download your digital learning resources in the thank you page of the checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

#11 Formlessness

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