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#02 What is a Poem?

Core Course, Lesson #02: What is a Poem?


You don't know much about poetry yet, but you'd like to?

You feel you've scratched the surface with poetry, but want to go deeper?

You know a thing or two about poetry, but could use some new perspectives?


It's tough to write a poem without a clear idea of what a poem is, but that question ‘what is a poem?’ is even tougher to answer! This lesson takes you on a whistle stop tour of Anglophone poetry to learn about what poetry once meant, how it changed, and what it means now.


What is included in this class?:


  • A (very condensed!) lecture on the history of poetry in English, some key points, how 'poetry' changed, how we might define a poem today.
  • An exercise on the differences between poetry and prose, with refelction. 



This lesson is a download. You will receive a link to download your purchase in the Thank You page after checkout. A link will also be emailed to the address you provided; the link lasts for 30 days.


#02 What is a Poem?


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