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Core: Complete Course

So you want to write poetry?

How do you start and what do you need to know?

Want to be a better poet?


Core: Complete Course is a bundle containing all 12 lessons in Core. Descriptions of each lesson can be found in their individual product pages. Purchase the bundle to get £20 off the total course price. This bundle contains:


#01 Harsh Advice for Poets

#02 What is a poem?

#03 How to Read a Poem

#04 Imagery

#05 Sound

#06 The Line

#07 Blank Space

#08 Punctuation

#09 Statement

#10 Form

#11 Formlessness

#12 Editing Happy


Highly recommended for beginners. Core provides an excellent basis and key techniques for writing poetry, everything you need to start writing great poems today!



This course is a download. You will receive a link to download your purchase in the Thank You page after checkout. A link will also be emailed to the address you provided; the link lasts for 30 days.

Core: Complete Course


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