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#03 How to Read a Poem

How to Read a Poem (Core course, Lesson #03)


You can’t write poetry if you don’t read poetry; you won’t know how to write a poem if you don’t know how to read a poem, and reading poetry is very different from reading anything else. Highschool famously treats reading poetry as a painful de-coding exercise, but this was never true. This class teaches you how to really read a poem.


An essential class for any poet, but especially useful for those finding their feet in the world of poetry.


What is included in this class:


  • A lecture covering: a brief history of reading poems in the 20th Century, advice on how to approach reading a poem, and how to enjoy ‘analysing’ a poem.
    • Pack contains 1. a recording of the original lecture, 2. a copy of the lecture presentation and 3. the transcribed text.
  • A guided close reading exercise.


This is a downloadable class, you will receive links to download your digital learning resources in the thank you page of the checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

#03 How to Read a Poem

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